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Rich with History

The MASA Corporation is a full-service provider of Custom Labels, Contract Packaging and Packaging Equipment and Supplies with firm roots and a very rich history.

A 55-year tradition with humble beginnings has sustained and grown our company to what it is today. Take a walk through the chapters of MASA history to see how it all began.

2017 – Future

MASA Corporation is proud to announce the 2017 acquisition of long-time business partner Hutto Printing located in Decatur, Alabama. MASA’s newest label manufacturing facility offers increased print capacity and improved logistics to our growing national and international customer base.

2000s – 2016 | MASA of Today

Today, The MASA Corporation has five shareholders, with the Fraim family holding a controlling interest in the common stock joined by Principal partners Robert N. Grandy, Jr. and Samuel D. Adsit, III. The company is organized as a S-Corporation operating three separate divisions.

• Custom Label Division

• Contract Packaging

• Packaging Equipment and Supplies Division

The Distribution Division is the largest Division, with approximately 50% of corporate sales of about $25 million annually.

1999 | Growth Beyond Measure

By 1999, the Stencil Division was estimated to enjoy a 70% market share in domestic carton marking stencils. The Label Division grew at a compounded annual sales growth rate of more than 30% for five consecutive years. The fledgling Custom Packaging Division also began to grow rapidly, by developing institutional relationships with very large corrugated display manufacturers.

• In January 1999, MASA purchased an offset printing plant in Norfolk, previously owned and operated by the Borden Company for more than 35 years.

• MASA also opened a new Distribution office in Lynchburg, Virginia.

• The Packaging Division became the Distribution Division, broadening its product lines into janitorial supplies, paper products, and sanitation supplies.

1998 | Chartering New Territory

The MASA Corporation took further expansive steps toward an acquisition that would complement its Label Division. In 1998, The MASA Corporation of Virginia, Inc. was formed as the tradename of its Custom Packaging Division, with a long-term strategy of positioning the Division for future sale.

1995 | Name Change

In 1995, the Mason Marking Systems Corporation name was changed to MASA Corporation, using the first three letters of Mason (symbolizing it as the genesis) and the last three letters of Atlantic Shipping and Packaging, Inc.’s acronym “ASAP” (symbolizing its importance as the second step in the corporate evolution).

Over the next several years, MASA Corporation focused on growing its Divisions internally while the Stencil Division continued to consolidate its industry position.

1994 | Adjusting the Vision

Mason Marking Systems and Atlantic Shipping and Packaging, Inc. were merged together effective on October 31, 1994. The new company, Mason Marking Systems Corporation, then operated a Stencil Division, a Label Division, a Packaging Division, and a very small Custom Packaging Division.

1991 | Something New

In 1991, ASAP linked up with a very small custom packaging operation in Richmond in 1991 began to offer a small amount of custom packaging and fulfillment services.

1990 | Consolidation and Growth

ASAP and Label continued to grow into the 1990’s, while the Stencil manufacturing business held its annual sales roughly constant through continued industry consolidation.

1980s | Adapting to Change

By the 1980’s, the printed label industry gradually replaced the use of stencils in the carton marking industry. Mr. Tom Fraim, Sr. foresaw the business declining in the decades ahead, and the company decided to enter the pressure sensitive label manufacturing arena.

• In 1985, Label Systems & Laminations, Inc. (“Label”) was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mason Marking Systems.

• By the late 1980’s, ASAP became one of the largest locally-owned distributors of shipping and packaging supplies in South Hampton Roads and begun to extend its product line.

Over the next several years, MASA Corporation focused on growing its Divisions internally while the Stencil Division continued to consolidate its industry position.


In 1970, Mason began to struggle in its product line and sought out a young sales manager to lead the Company to stronger, more profitable growth.

Mason’s lead office assistant, Sharon Fraim and husband, Thomas E. Fraim (Mr. Fraim), developed a social relationship with the Masons and Mr. Fraim became their choice for sales manager, as Sharon returned home to raise two small boys.

By the late 1970’s, Mr. Fraim and new salesman, Robert N. Grandy, Jr., formed a new corporation, Atlantic Shipping and Packaging, Inc. (“ASAP”), that would become a distributor for shipping and packaging supplies to complement the product line manufactured by Mason.

Over the next several years, Mr. Fraim successfully developed strategic marketing alliances with other businesses. These companies began to “affix” Mason’s stencils to their business forms, and Mason began to grow successfully.

1961 | Origins

The genesis of MASA Corporation was the founding of Mason Marking Systems (“Mason”) by Mr. and Mrs. Mason in Norfolk, VA in 1961. Mason was formed to compete nationally in the carton (or box) marking arena, with a full line of manufactured stencil tissues.